I'm excited to share the trailer for 'Tyrone' a beautifully shot film we scored the music for, working alongside talented director Hopi Allard.

Exploring brain damage in boxing, the film captures the emotional as well as the physical demands placed on boxer Tyrone.

Heavyweight boxers can punch with up to a thousand pounds of force. Over the course of a fight they might expect to be hit hundreds of times. Brain-damage is not so much a risk as a certainty for many young athletes. But in a society that often fails to support the most vulnerable, for many it is their only option.

Joel Wells & Abi Wade's score includes the integration of sound recordings taken during the filming of training and actual bouts. We sampled and sequenced these sounds using analog drum machines and mixed them alongside warped cello and synths. We wanted to create a score that followed the intense contrasts in emotion and environment throughout, from high intensity workouts and fight scenes, to the more personal moments of mental preparation and introspection.



Director - Hopi Allard
Production Company - Pundersons Gardens
Executive Producer - Thomas Viney
DOP - Jeremy Valender
Editors - Carolina Aguirre & Jasper Verhorevoort
Sound Editor - Morgan Williams
Sound Mix - Daniel Jaramillo @ Sound Node
Original Music Composers - Joel Wells & Abi Wade
Colourist - Faith Millin
Gaffer - Grzegorz Krzeszowiec
Titles - Burgess & Beech
Post sipervisor - Erin Sayder
1st AC - Amelia Hazlerigg