"Unrestricted in his approach, Joel Wells’ every move sits astride multiple genres at once." 

"He finds a sweet spot that would take others years."

“A space somewhere between dancefloor techno and the more fresh-air-embracing alt-pop realm”


"London soloist Joel Wells strides a beautiful balance of the artificial and the natural"

"This strange but wonderful interplay of hushed electronics and orchestral flourishes effects something rather unique and fascinating."


London based Genre-melding producer and vocalist Joel Wells has spent the last two years focussing on honing his singular vision and striving to loosen his creative workflow. Turning away from the computer screen and enjoying the spontaneity external hardware can bring; Re-sequencing, mangling and filtering through his own idiosyncratic lens. Wells' music is varied in tone and style and commonly mixes many different musical influences. Often employing the micro-tuning facilities that electronic music accommodates to assimilate the tonality of acoustic tuned percussion. Using samplers, drum machines, analog synths, and creating his own unique sample instruments from vocals, Kalimba, Slate Marimbas, field recordings, phased out cello drones and whatever else he can get his hands on. The result is an unusual 'Fourth World mutation'.

Wells has previously worked closely with producers Tim Goldsworthy and Pablo Clements/James Griffith, on various solo tracks, remixes and collaborative records, inc a Collaboration/Rework with 'Goldsworthy'-'Seaside -Tough Talk' for Eug Wang’s Public Release/Face Label, (SF)  A collaboration / Remix with Toydrum/Trentemøller -'Void & Form'  with accompanying video by director  Alice Lowe; and a cover of 'Robbie Basho's - Blue Crystal Fire'.